The Prayers of the Saints ARE Heard

Norm, remain calm. It’s not a big deal. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

I had a conversation with my brother last night. I gave him and my sister rosaries. As I was briefly telling him about how to pray it, and he reluctantly listened, the conversation drifted pleasantly from Mary (mostly her perpetual virginity) to things like Eucharist, Baptism, general morality, and how the idea of Authority was at the core of these doctrinal differences. I made it clear that I wasn’t trying to convert him (though I guess I was a little). I left it the conversation with this bit of advice: to not simply accept where he is because that’s where he is. I told him not to stay at his church because its where our mom wants him or because its where I first took him when I started going to church. I told him to stay there because its where he honestly believed the truth to be. I told him to just continually pray that God would show him truth, and that he would be unafraid to follow God, but to be willing to truly listen, and not to make up his mind before he listened to God (good advice to for me too as I discern the priesthood).

I overheard him say to my mom about 20 minutes ago that he kind of understands why I chose Catholicism (not so much that I chose Catholicism, but that I chose to follow Christ, but he’ll understand that someday). Of course my mom said “Oh Lord” and said that the rule was that he could choose to go anywhere, but he had to talk to the pastor at the Baptist church first. That’s not a bad thing, but I don’t think my mom is any position to make rules about what my brother must do if he decides to accept the truth. But that’s a little off track.

Anyways, I pray for my brother and sister every day, entrusting them to Mary and the Saints, and they do pray for them.