November Saint

Holiness. It’s something we all desire to grow in, right? We want to become more like Christ, we want to become as holy as we can so that we can glorify God, commune with God fully, and to lead others into the light of faith. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (1819-1867) once made a list of ten things that help to form us in holiness. The eighth item on that list is to choose a special patron saint each month and to imitate them in some virtue. At first, I thought that that was kind of lame. But it does make sense. At some point if we want to become holy we have to actually put some effort into it. So, I decided that this month, I am choosing St. Anthony the Abbot as a patron.

St. Anthony AbbotOne of the things about him that I think would be great to imitate is that he imitated others. When a holy person came around, he would go to see them and imitate what they did. I’m going to imitate an imitator. Look at those around me, those I consider to be holy, to be close to Christ, devoted to God. There is also a story about when he heard a sermon about the rich young man in Matthew 19, he got up, left, and sold all he had except what was needed for his sister and him to live on.  St. Anthony of Abbot, was utterly devoted to Christ, to imitating him and his saints, that he might be holy, sacrificing anything for the sake of the Gospel. That is something we should all desire.