Tabula Rasa

One of the first things I learned about the gospel was its ability to make clean, to impart forgiveness on anyone who chose to listen and obey it. The chance to start over new is something I have longed for as long as I can remember, but especially since beginning college. And as I have grown in my faith, and followed God down a path I never would have foreseen myself taking, this aspect of the gospel become more real and more tangible every single day. Starting new, a clean slate, tabula rasa. In Baptism, in Confession, in Communion. In the hands of God, and only in the hands of God are we able to have our slate wiped away, a chance to start over, to live our lives they way we were originally meant to live them. And isn’t that something we all want? To have the mistakes of our pasts to be cleansed away? To be sanctified? To be made holy? To have a second chance? Tabula rasa. Tabula rasa.Tabula Rasa. A great sound, a liberating sound, a joyous sound.