What is Today?

1. Six months of Obama in the White House.
2. 40 years since the first moon landing.
3. 100 days of me being Catholic!

To celebrate, Laura, Mary, and I, who were all initiated into the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil this year, threw a little party with some others from the Newman Center to commemorate this joyous day. Before the party, the three of us went to Mass, and I felt like the readings were perfect for today. The first was Exodus 14:5-8, which is where the Israelites prepare to cross the Red Sea, which is one of the precursors to Baptism, and so I thought it was appropriate as I remember my Baptism just 100 days ago. Then the responsorial Psalm had the phrase, “horse and chariot are cast into the sea,” and it reminded me of the silly song that was song at the Easter Vigil Mass, and I smiled. Lastly, the Gospel was from Matthew 12:38-42, which talks about the sign of the Prophet Jonah, comparing what was to come when Jesus was in the tomb for three days, to Jonah being in the belly of the great fish for three days. All of these verses seem very “Easter-esque” and I can’t help but think of how funny God’s humor is.

But all of this really does make me think, especially the Exodus reading. The Israelites were grumbling about the difficulty that freedom has brought them. I pray that I will cease to grumble about the “difficulty” that freedom has brought me, namely the perceived call to the priesthood. I should continue to think of the joy that this journey brings me, the character that God is building in me for His Glory.


2 thoughts on “What is Today?

  1. Congratulations on 100 days!

    Don’t give up. Remember that, as we all looked at Mother Teresa and how she lived her faith, her interior didn’t match her exterior as she felt abandoned by God. Nevertheless, day after day, she did His work.

    Sometimes we have to separate from unsuitable companions; Christians, generally, shouldn’t be unsuitable, but evangelicals have completely different ideas about life. You won’t be in Fargo forever (well they do have a seminary, don’t they?) and it’ll get easier to meet people.

    I don’t see this on your blogroll, unless I missed it:

    It’s a priest-blog and Fr. Z, too, is a convert. As is Cardinal Newman


    Have you talked to your Vocations director?

    Go with God. Wherever he takes you.

    • There is a seminary in Fargo, Cardinal Muench. I have talked to my parish pastor at the Cathedral, but not the Vocations director yet. He said that if and when (moreso when) the time comes he will set up a meeting for me with the vocations director.

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