More Thoughts on Faith

So as I continue to think about faith and what it is/isn’t, two conversations come to mind. The first is with the guy from Atlanta who is extremely opposed to Catholics. When he found out I was Catholic, he told me to not go crazy and start working my way to heaven, but to remember that faith is what saves. I told him to remember that salvation doesn’t come from simple belief. He then responded with “even the demons believe.” It struck me as interesting that he would quote that verse to me because it screams “works” and “action.” In fact it is the very antithesis of the notion that we are once saved by our belief. I just thought it was weird.

I also think of a conversation that just happened this past weekend in which I was asked, “How Catholic are you?” When asked to clarify, the response was, “Are you one of those Catholics that thinks they can do whatever they want and then confess to a priest and that is ok?” Before I could respond, my friend, a future FOCUS missionary jumped in to defend the faith and clear up the misunderstanding that was clearly present. It’s interesting, though, that this would be someone’s idea of the Catholic Church when most people see us as people who believe we must work our way to Heaven, not people who sin unashamedly. If it weren’t for the part about confessing to a priest, I would say that that is one of the most Protestant ideas out there, that we can sin all we want without consequence to our salvation.

Anyways, just some thoughts as I was coming back from Mass this morning.


One thought on “More Thoughts on Faith

  1. I thought the question “How Catholic are you?” was very funny. It just shows how ignorant many people are.

    I wonder how many Protestants actually believe that you can sin as much as you want and still be saved? Consciously believe that I mean. I don’t think the doctrine of FAITH ONLY necessarily leads to sinning as much as you want. I’ve heard it explained that if you were really saved it’s because you understand who God is, at least in part. And if you realized how much God had done for you, then you would try your hardest NOT to sin. Those who really love God, then, try to avoid sin. And when they do sin, God forgives them. But theoretically they should be sinning less and less every day if they are growing in their love.

    Those who live a sinful lifestyle and simply say, “I’m saved” don’t understand faith and probably aren’t really saved. They are misinterpreting Protestant theology. As Jesus says in Matthew, many will say Lord, Lord, but not all will be saved.

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