The Rules Are Still the Same

What I have learned is that you are only in charge of you. You cannot make anyone believe what they have already decided they won’t believe. You can tell them all you want about the logical conclusions, but if they have shut their heart, they have shut their heart, and nothing you can say to them will change their attitudes or their minds.

I thought that after what happened to me, it would be easy to share the logic and the magnificence with others. But it is no easier, the rules are still the same. All I can do is worry about me. All I can do is do my best to worship God the best way I know how, and pray that God will do to them what he did to me.

My idea that I could change them were built on the idea that I changed myself, but it wasn’t me. I didn’t change myself. God did that. Why would I have changed myself? Why would I have wanted to change myself? I liked the way I was. I thought I was satisfied. I was, until God changed my heart. I think, “oh, if they just read this, it helped me,” or “if they could just hear this explanation”. But it doesn’t work. Why? They don’t want to hear it. Sometimes all you can do is worry about yourself and pray for each other. I can take joy in the truth of God and pray that others will someday take that same joy. I can only leave it up to God to lead them to it.


One thought on “The Rules Are Still the Same

  1. You are exactly right that we can’t change another. Too many evangelicals think that the salvation of the world lies on their shoulders, but really it’s still God Who is accountable for saving the world. Even that idea that we can “pray to receive Christ” isn’t exactly true, since the act of praying would be a work in getting to Christ, and no works get us to Him. Rather, Christ changes us from the inside. So when we pray to receive Christ (or turn towards the Catholic church, or make any other change towards God), we make that change in our heads only AFTER Christ has already changed us from the inside.

    We could only declare that we believe in God after God has already put Himself into us.

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