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Why is it so hard to believe that God used fallible men to write the Bible, which we hold as infallible, but he did not use fallible men to lead his Church infallibly? Why do we put so much faith into the writings, but not as much into the traditions of the Church? Why is one seemingly more respectable?


2 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. I think the reason Protestants put so much faith in the Bible is because of the scientific revolution. We are lead to believe that reason is the only thing acceptable, and people think they are being reasonable if they look at a certain set of evidence and base their lives on “facts.” For Protestants, the Bible is the “perfect authority” and so they need the Bible to be perfect if they are to have a logical and “reasonable” relationship to it. But really, the “perfection” of the Bible is a declaration of faith. It is not actually proved conclusively by looking at the “facts” and “history” of the Bible.

    • I guess that the whole reason I even ask this question is because people can’t believe that the Pope and the Magisterium (Bishops in union with him) could lead the Church infallibly because they are only men. Yet, they believe that the Scriptures were written infallibly by men. It just doesn’t make sense how we can justify one without justifying the other.

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