Sharing the Good News

So I talked to this girl I went on summer project with this afternoon. After about 20 minutes, she told me that she had noticed I had become Catholic and was curious as to why I did it and if I was happy. The first thing I did was smile and blurt out that I was happier now than I ever had been. I guess I didn’t really realize just how happy I have been about being Baptized and how deep my faith in Christ has become. And then I got to tell her the amazing story about how I came to that decision, from the horrible attitude I had about Catholics before to the amazing change that came over me. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to be sharing this story and how willing she was to hear it without immediately condemning me, unlike some of my friends have been. The greatest thing, though, was that she told me she wanted to learn more about the Catholic faith and was glad that she now knew a Catholic she could go to to ask questions.

On top of getting my job, this has been a really good day.

P.S. I also found a scraper bike for tradition day for Andy, Megan, Nate, and me!!!


One thought on “Sharing the Good News

  1. Woop Woop scrapin on my scraper bike.

    Maybe it is to nice for da riverz?

    Wez cutz off da tirez sooonz

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