Still Praying For a Job

More bad news today. The fourth summer job I have been turned down for. I still have an application out there, but I am starting to lose hope in getting a job. I am going to have to continue venturing out to fill out applications. It just stinks not having a car because without one it is hard, really hard to get around Fargo and so I need a job that is pretty close to where I will be living.

I’m starting to wonder, though, if maybe God doesn’t want me in Fargo and that is why he is not providing a job here. Maybe I am supposed to go somewhere else, home? Another place? Somewhere I’ve never been? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not supposed to work. Maybe I’m supposed to do something else, volunteer, go homeless? There are millions of lessons God could be trying to teach me, and I honestly don’t know what he is calling me to do right now. Just pray that I would find a job or figure out just what it is that God wants me to do.


One thought on “Still Praying For a Job

  1. Hello I found this blog under the category faith. I’m not sure right now what direction God wants me to go towards either. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to stay in college, to be honest. Anyway, I’ll pray that you can figure out what he wants you to do. 🙂

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