This is Unbelievable!!!

I got your letter a couple of weeks ago about your becoming Catholic. I was very disappointed to say the least. I couldn’t understand that after being with Campus Crusade that you could turn away from their Evangelical or Protestant points of view. They (the Catholics) see things a whole lot differently than we do. I went to Northwest Books & Bible and found the enclosed booklet that explains a lot of those differences better than I can but I read it and thoroughly agree with everything it says.

I would like to tell you about our Baptist heritage. Our Albus ancestors were Baptists so far back as the middle of 1800’s when living in Russia and Romania before coming to the United States in 1883. They may have been Baptists before that and among the Protestants that the Catholics persecuted since they wouldn’t or didn’t believe that the Pope was the final religious authority even over God and the Bible. We even differed more from some other Protestants by believing we needed to be baptized by immersion after we are old enough to accept Christ as our Savior. The Bible says believe and be baptized.

I have been praying every day for you and that God would open your heart and mind to what is really in the Bible as it compares to the Catholic teachings and pronouncements of the Popes through the years. My heart is heavy worrying about you and your decision. Your Grandma Jones would also be upset with this. We do have some Catholic relatives and friends.

With love,
Great Aunt Alta Mae

This is the letter I found in my mail with an anti-Catholic book enclosed written by Protestant Fundamentalists who, after just thumbing through the book, are obviously uneducated in the truth about Roman Catholicism.

I am just shocked and stunned.


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  1. I am sorry that your great aunt reacted the way she did. My husband (Tiber Jumper from Crossed the Tiber blog) and I returned to the CC in 2004. We were evangelicals for many years and have lost friends and strained family relations. It’s sad and unbelievable to see the amount of prejudice there is against Catholicism. Yet we have never regretted our decision. You will make many new friends as a devout Catholic and the Sacraments will enrich your life in a way that the Bible alone never could. I’ll be praying for you at Stations of the Cross tonight. God Bless!!

  2. Fulton Sheen said it best: “There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church–which is, of course, quite a different thing.”

    As a cradle Catholic from a large family of Catholics in an area that is predominantly Catholic, I cannot possibly understand the personal difficulties faced by those who have to cross the Tiber to come home. You and your great aunt will be in my prayers.

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