Rite of Election

Today was long, full of importance and even had some moments of humor.

We (Megan, Andy, Me, and the other St. Joseph catechumens and candidates) met for Mass at 10:30 this morning. Like most of the Masses to this point, we were dismissed before the Eucharist, but not before getting prayed over by the Priests and the whole parish. Each of us were called forward and it was really important, really significant. But this is also where a little humor comes in (sorry Megan, I have to tell this story). The first six rows were reserved for the candidates and sponsors and they had this little “Reserved” things on the ends so no one else would sit there. Well, when Andy and Megan got called up, it was really quiet in the church, very solemn. All of a sudden there is a crash and I look and Megan had knocked the reserve sign onto the floor. To make matters more funny she then proceeded to kick it under the pew in hopes that nobody noticed. Everyone noticed. I almost was laughing out loud as well as Father Raul and Deacon Tom. I looked at Andy’s face and it was priceless. Sometimes Church can yield the funniest things (shower comas?–sorry, inside joke). Aside from that, this process was pretty significant because we were then being sent off to Crookston, where the cathedral for our diocese is, for the Rite of Election.

We got to tour the cathedral, which for me, is not what I always envisioned the typical cathedral to look like because it is only 19 years old. Anyways, we also got to tour the monastery of some Benedictine Sisters. The important part though was the prayer service in which we would recieve the rite of election and essentially be blessed by Bishop Hoeppner and “okay-ed” to continue the process, changing me from just a catechumen to an elected one. It was pretty sweet, we prayed some psalms, stood before the Bishop and wrote our names in the Book of the Elect, which will be on display in the Cathedral from now until Easter. It didn’t really feel like a big deal at the time, but I know that it was and so I tried to go in with that mindset.

But I am truly coming down to the end, before I know it Easter will be upon me and I will be welcomed into the fullness of the Body of Christ. God is so great.