Morning of Reflection


If I really really think about the thing I miss the most about summer project, it has to be our weekly night of reflection. It was definitely the time I had the most time with God, and did the most growing. Having a night of reflection every week would be awesome, if my nights were not so full every single night. So I decided that a morning of reflection would be just as good. That morning is Thursday. Tomorrow I am getting up early to take my Bible and my journal and go to the Union and get some hot cider (I’m not a big coffee fan) and a doughnut and reflect and stuff before class. Well, except I am not going to class because I have to go over to St. Joe’s tomorrow to talk to Fr. Mike before the Rite of Election on Sunday, in which we are going to the Cathedral in Crookston. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you about my mornings of reflection. They are helpful, if you don’t have something like it, you should try it, especially during Lent.