Daily Mass


Went to daily Mass yesterday with Megan, Andy, and Josh. It was interesting, very different (well…not very different) from Sunday Mass. I’m still trying to get the hang of what to say sometimes during the Mass, but I suppose that will come with time, too. I liked the Mass and I like the fact that the Catholic Church has services every single day of the week. God isn’t just a Sunday thing like he is in other churches.

After Mass we went to Applebee’s with Josh and his wife, Tracy, and talked about him being my sponsor, amongst other conversation. He agreed and then we talked a little bit about how my friends have been taking the news and luckily I was able to tell him that it’s been a pretty postive experience, at least face-to-face. I don’t know what they are thinking or what they are saying behind my back, but let’s just pray that it is postive.

Well, it’s friday, and I am going out tonight because this whole weekend is going to be studying for three huge tests I have next week, so I am going to have fun tonight as opposed to the rest of this weekend. But, it is time for me to go join some of mis amigos at lunch now, so….sayonara!