Good Conversations


I got to have really good conversations about being Catholic with a good friend and with one of the guys in my Bible study. I kind of suspected going into lunch that becoming Catholic would come up, and I was right, but it all turned out well. The typical questions that I expect about Mary and Purgatory came up and I feel like I have become pretty good at quickly defending them and dispelling misconceptions about these topics. But the important thing is that the conversations were really good, they were not full of conflict and my friends were supportive of my decision to become Catholic. This is becoming easier as time goes on.


2 thoughts on “Good Conversations

  1. Well, first off with Mary, the answer is quite simple (in one respect) prayers directed toward Mary are not prayers of worship, but asking for intercession. And with purgatory, the Catholic Church has no real definition as to what it actually is, whether it is a place or an instantaneous process is unknown. Essentially it is the final purification that occurs after death that fully changes us into the perfect creatures God has planned for us to be.

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