We had a staff meeting this morning and we have a new staff member to replace my floor partner who ditched out on us. In order to get to know names and such, we tossed a stuffed cow around the room and we had to say our name, floor, and our favorite cow related item. I like corny stuff like that so I enjoyed it immensely, so here are my top ten favorite cow related items:

10. Brian’s cow suit
9. 4-stomach digestive systems
8. The Dairy Barn and All-You-Can-Drink Milk Booth at the Minnesota State Fair
7. Whole milk
6. Heated leather seats
5. Cheesy bread and dunker sauce
4. Burger Bar day in the Dining Center
3. Baby cows a.k.a. calves
2. Cheese curds
1. California burritos

Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite cow related items?