I’m Not in it Alone


For someone who is joining the Catholic Church, I haven’t been to Mass that many times, maybe six, maybe seven times. For the last few weeks, Mass has been…awkward…to say the least. It is very different from Protestant and Evangelical services. I haven’t been very good at knowing when to stand, when to sit, what to say, what to sing, what to pray. But yesterday, when I was at Mass, it all fell together. I’ve figured out how to use the Hymnal/Liturgy, and I have gotten the hang of what to say and when to say it. In fact, yesterday, I got this deep peace at Mass. It felt right, it felt good. It felt like it was about God, not necessarily about being entertained. It wasn’t about the message, it was about the glorification of the Lord. And I got this sense of being connected, of being a part of the body of Christ. It was this feeling of not being in this game alone. I have the Saints, the Community, and above all Christ. We are all in this together. I can’t explain it any better, but I have never felt this anywhere else. And it was only strengthened this morning in prayer. This is a place of deep community, not surface level community like I have experienced elsewhere.  If I had any doubts before about this calling, they are no longer there.


One thought on “I’m Not in it Alone

  1. Welcome to the fullness of the Church. Now, go out and tell the world your story! 😉

    I will hold you in my heart during the Vigil this year.
    May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

    — Kevin

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