Must We Be Baptized?


Is Baptism a requirement for salvation?

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6 thoughts on “Must We Be Baptized?

  1. I voted no. I do believe; however, that baptism is needed as a public demonstration of your faith, as well as symbolising what just happened in your conversion (i.e. old nature died and was buried, new creature rises under Christ).

    If baptism was required to be saved, it would be considered “works” (or things we do to earn salvation). We are told again and again in the Bible that we are saved by God’s grace, not by anything we do to earn it.


  2. What about in the Great Commission? Christ commands us to Baptize. Is it something that we still have to do?

  3. Yes, I believe so. But it comes after belief. Matthew 28:19-20 says (paraphrased), “Go make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey God.” It’s a three-part process, all of which are important. What I don’t understand are believers who have gone years without being baptized because they say they’re not ready, or they don’t feel “called” to be baptized. To me (speaking purely personally), that’s like saying that I don’t feel “called” to read my bible or pray or obey God.

  4. I voted yes – for scriptural support read Mark 16:16 and 1 Peter 3:21. Scripture nowhere says Baptism is symbol or public declaration of one’s faith.

  5. 1 Peter 3:18-22 talks about Baptism. Some feel that Baptism is simply a physical sign, but Peter talks here about Noah’s ark as a preconfiguration to Baptism. Eight people were saved through water. Peter says that Baptism saves us now. So perhaps Baptism is more than a symbol. And Matthew’s account of Christ’s Baptism really shows, through Christ himself needing Baptism, that is is necessary to fulfill righteousness. Matthew 3:13-17 shows the very spiritual nature of the event.

    “Peter [said] to them, ‘Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the holy spirit.'” -Acts 2:38

    Baptism is such an important part of Christian life. It is so symbolic, and it is so spiritual, literally setting the Holy Spirit of the Most High God on the person accepting this sacrament.

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