It is Done


After many many weeks of thinking about it and worrying about it and wondering how I was going to do it, I talked to one of my closest friends, Nate, today. I don’t know why I was so worried about what was going to go down. We have our tiffs, but we always support each other and never doubt the other’s love of Jesus. He was very calm, and very supportive, and had tons of questions. It was very encouraging to tell him that I am becoming Catholic and not have him get down on me. One of the concerns that he did bring up is that from his point of view, the Catholics he has known have seemed to do it more religiously, rather than from a deep personal relationship with Jesus. Five months ago I would have agreed. Granted there are people like that in the Catholic Church, but the same people are in every church. I’m not that person though, so I have no worries there.

With this conversation being done, it leaves one more big one, and that is my Bible study co-leader. I don’t know though. We aren’t as close as we used to be and so I don’t know if I need to really have this conversation with him. I guess I’ll just do as the Lord leads me, which is all I really can do.

Peace be with you!