Back At School


Sorry its been awhile. It’s so easy to just relax during break and not write as much. I got back to school  a few days ago for some RA spring training. I’m pretty excited about this semester to say the least. I had the second best semester grade-wise this fall, so I am going to try to ride that momentum for awhile. This semester I have a lot of upper level classes that I’m not excited for, but I am taking a class on the New Testament and I cannot wait for that to start on Thursday. Let’s see, I am really excited that the guys on my floor have moved back in. I hope that we have a great semester and that I finally figure out just why God moved me back in here four months ago. Most of all, I am excited for my spiritual walk. I emailed the Newman Center on saturday, expressing my interest in taking RCIA classes so that I can be baptized and confirmed. So, I’ve got a lot to be excited for as this semester begins.