Psalm 5,674.3


Tonight at Cru we were asked to write a Psalm. At first I didn’t take it seriously (hence the ridiculous numbering). But I decided after the first line that I would actually put some effort into it. It may seem primitive with it’s silly rhymes, but if you really look at it, it expresses the seriousness of my faith and of my heart.

God is great and God is good
He is always with me in every mood
My Lord cools me down when I am mad
And cheers me up when I am sad
He teaches me right and wrong
And in righteousness carries me along
And when I was drowning in a world of sin
Jesus came so that death could not win
He gloriously wrapped me up in grace
Now without shame I can look him face to face
He has raised me up to be his son
Through tears and smiles, boredom and fun
He has clothed me with the riches of his hand
And now he high-fives me and says, “you’re the man!”
I look back with thanks for his glorious gift
And my hands and gaze to heaven I do lift
My Lord and my redeemer and my friend he is
Follower, son ,and worshipper. I will be forever his.


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