Prostitute on the Bus


As I was looking back through some of my writing from pre-project and then on project, I suddenly remembered this incident when we were coming back from SDSU one day. We had just gotten off the trolley and hopped on the route 8 bus and as I watched people file onto the bus, I saw her. She was wearing red heels, a short red skirt, a low cut white shirt, the brightest red lipstick you ever did see. And she was probably 50 or 60. We all knew that she was a hooker, it was obvious. And while I saw some non-project people snicker and make faces, all I could feel was sad. I looked at her and I wondered what had driven her to prostitution. What had society done to her that she had the need to be a prostitute? I wanted to reach out to her, to tell her that Christ could help her, but the bus was so packed that I couldn’t get up and sit next to her. Its unlikely that I would have found the courage to do so anyway, but my heart really did bleed for her. I wonder where she is right now. I wonder if anyone has helped her, has shown her another way. I wish I had been the one to do that, because after all, isn’t that what Christ did for us?