My Mass Experience


I am posting this due to a request to hear about my experience at Mass. I went to St. Joseph’s across the river in Moorhead, MN. To begin with, the actual church building was not what I would typically associate with a Catholic church. It seemed fairly new, and so, thus, my perception was already changed in one way or another. I came into the service knowing that there were a lot of things that would be done that I wouldn’t understand, and I knew for sure that I could not take Communion, and I wasn’t sure what else I would not be able to do, so I just kind of fumbled around. Immediately as we walked in was a fount of some sort with holy water or something. Megan dipped her hand in it, I didn’t though, I probably should have though. Once we found our seat, we knealt down and joined in the prayer being spoken by a woman somewhere from within the church. I am pretty sure that they were saying the rosary because they continued saying, “Hail Mary, full of grace….something something…..and blessed be the fruit of your womb, Jesus Christ,” or something to that effect and then something different would be said between those Hail Mary’s. Then it got confusing as we went into the actual Mass, going through some liturgical worship. Even though I didn’t sing along, it fealt good to listen to them sing. I have to admit, though, that for me the highlight of the service was the Eucharist (Communion). It was strange to me, they way they blessed the bread and wine and such, and I remembered what Tom told me, that Catholics believed that the bread and wine were the actual blood and flesh of Jesus Christ. I thought, “What if that is true? What if they very body of my Savior is like right there, in this room? What if this really does perpetuate his sacrifice?” I shuddered, thinking about how amazing that would be, and I really wished that I could have taken Communion with everyone else. That’s really all I remember. I enjoyed it and I really hope that I can go again this weekend.