Fallapalooza Was Great


I went to Fallapalooza this weekend which is the Fargo-Moorhead Campus Crusade’s fall retreat. I came into the weekend kind of dejected, but at the same time super excited. I have been stressed out a lot lately with the house and that is actually where I will start. My last post was kind of angry in regards to the house situation. The Lord just showed me this weekend that the money isn’t mine to begin with so I shouldn’t stress out about it. I also prayed more about going to East Asia and I still am feeling lead there. But I did decide that I would wait to tell my parents until Thanksgiving. I also went into the weekend just praying about finding the truth and I feel the Lord still calling me to keep exploring what the Catholic church is all about, which is a touchy subject in some Cru circles and so I have been pretty reluctant to bring it up to anyone else because I just have this gut wrenching feeling that anyone I talk to would either dissuade from searching there, or completely start bashing Catholicism, like I have done, and that is not what I want. So I haven’t talked about that to anyone else. I also went in with another question and am finally getting some clarity on that area as well, and I am pretty excited, because God is trustworthy and so I am getting excited.

I wasn’t too impressed with our speaker this weekend, not that he wasn’t good, but I just feel like I wasn’t there for the speaker, but for fellowship, prayer, worship, and discernment. It was a great weekend and I realized that everything is going to be ok when I fully surrender everything to the Lord.