Constantly Thinking About…


For the last month, actually more than a month I have been thinking constantly about the Roman Catholic Church. It probably really started while I was on project. There were numerous students on project who had grown up Catholic and then converted to Christianity (those are their words, not mine). Then there was Dave, how could anyone who meets Dave forget him. He is a Catholic student at San Diego State and he met us nearly every week when we were there. He fought Allen tooth and nail, defending his Catholic position on faith vs. works, while all the crusaders defended our position. A pretty intense conversation between Megan and me stemmed from the questions I had regarding Dave’s faith. After that, I thought that it was over, no more thinking about Catholicism. Boy was I wrong. As the nation mourned the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I was busy attacking one of my good friends and her Catholic faith. Now that I think about it, I did the same thing on my old blog during project, only not quite as intensely. And when I really think about it, I am pretty sure she saw it that time, but didn’t say anything to me about it. Anyways, she saw it this time and I thought once again, that I wouldn’t really have to confront it again.

But for the last month, its all I can think about. I asked one of my friends who I know left the Protestant faiths and joined the Catholic church about his journey. I’ve started reading tons of stuff from both sides of the table. Then two nights ago, I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep, but I couldn’t and so at 2 in the morning I got on my computer and bought my own copy of the Catechism on along with a book by Pope Benedict that answers questions about the catechism.

I feel like I am being continually confronted with this by God. I am finding it increasingly important to learn more about the history of both Protestantism and Catholicism. I wish I could explain all of this, but I can’t. But these are some of the weighty spiritual matters that are constantly weighing on my mind right now.