Yet Another Project Story: Julia


I have a lot of these, probably enough to last me until about March or April.

Katirose and I were sharing one excruciatingly hot Monday morning at SDSU. We decided that we would check the library for students to talk to, mostly because it was air conditioned in there. We went down into the library and we found a girl sitting near the back of one of the huge rooms there. She was sitting on her laptop writing a paper. Katirose took the lead in the conversation, and went through the Quest survey with the girl, named Julia, from Germany. Julia wasn’t really sure what happened after death and she did not know what it meant to be a Christian, but…..she did believe that there was something out there, but that she did not know him, and perhaps that it was even impossible to know him. However, she said that if it were possible to know him, that would be the number one desire of her heart, to know him. We invited her to our Bible Study and to Friday Night Live, but she never came. We did give her a copy of the Knowing God Personally book, and so we hope that she read it and understood. We prayed for her and were so excited about her desire to know God. Pretty sure that was one of the best days we had sharing on campus.