So I am talking to a guy I knew in high school, Lance (name changed). He is a very gay, very liberal guy, and I am in the midst of having a spiritual conversation with him via facebook. One of the things he told me is that he does not believe that a single entity could control all of the details of the universe. He does believe, however, in multiple gods and goddesses. I also got in a debate with him about McCain and Palin, who I am supporting in this election. I would just pray and ask you to pray as well, that as I lead the conversation into the Christian realm, that he would be responsive and receptive to the message of the gospel.

God, I pray for Lance right now. I pray that you will soften his heart and open his eyes to his sins. I pray that for all of us, since all have fallen short of your glory. Lord, I ask that as I share your message, he will comprehend it in a whole new way. I pray that he will see that you are powerful enough to hold the universe together all by yourself. I pray that his life would be turned upside down, that he would meet you as his Savior, a life-changer, and as the Holy, Mighty God of this universe. Amen.


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  1. Make sure you understand that any reasonably-informed homosexual cannot possibly support an openly anti-gay administration (McCain/Palin). A social conservative political stance is incompatible with reasonable expectations for “equality for all.”

  2. The conversation I am having with him is not focused on politics, but since you mentioned it, I must bring up the inequality of Barrack Obama. Did you know that he did not support a bill that protects the life of a child that survives an abortion? Do you know what that means? It means that when the baby is born, it is not allowed to have the equal care of babies born who were not attempted to be aborted, but rather lets the child be set aside in another room to die alone. Yeah, I’m not a single-issue voter, but to me, that shows no moral backbone at all and is quite disgusting. Its not even about abortion in this case, but about cruelty towards a child who has already been born.

    But the real focus of this conversation is Christ. It’s not Obama, McCain, or homosexuality. It’s about Christ being Lord of the universe and about the need for Christ in our lives and the life-changing power he has on those who accept his unfailing gift.

  3. Did you know that John McCain has repeatedly (approximately 12 times, depending on which bills you count) voted against veterans’ benefits (even for injured soldiers)? That’s a glaring hole based on anyone’s faith, don’t you think? Would Jesus Christ want us to take care of our fellow man, especially after coming back from war (in many cases, injured)? That doesn’t strike you as morally wrong?

    I’m not a one-issue voter, either, but I take all statements made by politicians with a giant grain of salt. As a voter, much like yourself, I have a DUTY to vote for the right candidate based on their plan of action.

    I believe (as a human, volunteer, and a member of the upper-middle class) that the lives and rights of others can be improved by politicians. It’s only the right politicians that can provide meaningful change. To you, that may be McCain, but to your friend “Lance” the choice is clearly Obama. Obama is the only candidate in this election that advocates for all members of our society (like gays, women, and minorities), and not just the religious conservatives, rich people (top 3%, to be exact), and corporations that sponsor his campaign.

  4. Obama may advocate for certain groups, however, there is no way that any candidate could ever advocate for every member. Because while advocating someone who has conflicting interests than me, you are not advocating for me. Its the sad and unescapable reality of society.

    For me, the sanctity of life is something that is so important, however, that I cannot turn a blind eye to it. Therefore, there is no way I could support Obama. A man who has no problem leaving babies who have just been born to die alone in a room obviously has low morals, what else is he willing to sacrifice? What other terror would he be willing to commit?

  5. Ignorance on the issue does not give you the right to dismiss a candidate. You need to do some research first (try reading the actual bill, for example). Here’s what you are missing:

    The problem with the “Born Alive Act” is both that it is entirely unnecessary, since doctors already have a duty to assist a person born alive, and late-term abortions have been prohibited since 2003, the problem is that it would define “child” to include fetus, and was an underhanded attempt by some of the pro-life lobby to attack the few doctors in this country still brave enough to risk their lives every day wearing bullet proof vests to help women end their unwanted pregnancies. Pure pro-life propaganda without consideration of the facts.

  6. Dude, regardless of one’s stance on abortion, this is something Obama supports.

    But this is stupid. I didn’t post this blog about politics, its main focus is evangelism, sharing the gospel with my gay friend.

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