First Week of Work


Well, I’m starting a new job again, this time its very different from vending at Sea World. I work in the Admissions Office at North Dakota State University. The primary function of my job is to give tours of campus to prospective students and transfer students. I also do other things, but the tours are the major part. I started on Monday and I worked yesterday too. I mostly just shadowed tours and stuff. Today I shadowed one more and then actually lead a tour myself. I was pretty nervous, I must admit. I mean, I know a lot about our campus and take great pride in it, but it just seemed so daunting to have to give a tour of campus to someone who didn’t know anything about it. It went just fine, except for two places, involving Residence Life. I was showing some differing classroom sizes in Minard Hall and one of the rooms I used was a room all the RA’s were using for training. As we peeked in the window and some of the RA’s saw, me they started making faces at me and stuff. And then after showing the showroom in Reed-Johnson, I was walking out of the building, as all the RA’s were walking towards us for their lunch break. They all started shouting my name and stuff and so it was hard to keep my concentration. Other than those two incidences, everything on my tour went fine. I am excited to work tomorrow and give a few more tours as well as on friday. I think that this job is going to be awesome.