Not The Pinnacle


Less than 24 hours.
I will be sitting in an airport, waiting for the first of two flights to get me home to Minneapolis.
Less than 24 hours.
I will be leaving the BEST summer of my entire life….
…so far.

Dan and Marta got back on Thursday to help us tear down the project and to do evaluations and encouragement kind of stuff before we leave tomorrow (wow, tomorrow already). Last night, Dan spoke to us at our farewell banquet and one of the things that he said was that it would basically be a waste and a shame if we all look back on this summer project and see it as the pinnacle of our spiritual walk with the Lord. I mean, so far this HAS been the height of my spiritual walk with the Lord. I look back and see so much change in my life, in my walk with God. Yet, I look forward and see how much further I have to grow. Thus, I am extremely sad to be leaving behind SDSP ’08 and all of the people that I have met, but, if I let this be the pinnacle of all my spiritual walk, I will have not learned anything here really and I will not have trusted God ultimately with my walk. And so, if that is the case (that I won’t let this be the pinnacle) then that means that this year or next summer or all of it will be far better than summer project was, and that excites the life out of me!

So, I will not let this be the best time of my life, because if it is the rest of my life is really going to be boring!