Last Day of Sea World!


It truly was bittersweet to be finished with Sea World today. I actually did like vending and it feels weird to realize that I may never walk into Dolphin Cove again or watch Shamu slam gallons of water into my face. I may not ever see the leads again or the San Diegan teens I worked with. I am slightly annoyed with myself for not fully enjoying it while it lasted.

Sea World, even though I feel like you have some intense propaganda, almost to the point of being creepy and scary, like something out of A Brave New World I will miss you. I will miss selling Shamu Toppers, Tray 20 Water, and Sports Bottles. Ah, but alas, I saved my uniform, and so on halloween, I will once again don the character of a vendor and live in the spirit of Sea World.

But it still feels great to be finished!