Project Support


Check out this video that our summer project team put together. I hope that it spurs people on to contribute to our summer project. I personally have $130 left to raise in support and collectively as a group, we still have $45,000 to raise. Obviously I am anxious to get the rest of my support raised, but I want to do more than just cover myself, but raise enough to help others out with support as well. I hope that you would join in the work that God is doing in His Kingdom by financially supporting the work we are doing here. And just because the time in San Diego is over does not mean that project really is. God is just beginning. He has equipped us with the tools to go back to our campuses, towns, families, and friends and share the love of Christ and message of salvation with others, and He is inviting you to be a part of that work. It is our goal to have the rest of our support raised by the time we leave on Monday. It’s a hefty goal, for sure, but is definitely possible with God. However, if it is not raised, we will each be given a payment plan to have the support paid for before the beginning of next summer. I ask that you would really and prayerfully consider a donation to aid in this San Diego summer project. Just $200, $100, $50, or even $25 would be helpful to us. Thanks again for your support and prayers.