The Condition of Man


Man is sinful. It is in his nature. When he knows what God’s law is, the evil desire in him arouses and causes him to want to disobey. He doesn’t know what it means to covet until the law says ‘do not covet,’ then he knows what it means to covet. And even though the man may not want to covet, it is ever increasingly hard not to because of the sinful nature within him. It is this sinful nature that separates man from God. For the wages of sin is death. God is so holy and perfect that he can have nothing to do with sin and must pour out his wrath on sinful disobedience. Unfortunately man has found himself as the object of that wrath. So man finds himself in a tough place. No matter what good he wants to do, he cannot do it, but rather does the things that he hates to do, the things he knows is wrong. And even if he is able to follow the law, he still has that streak of evil desire and therefore will not be made righteous by following the law, but rather, he becomes conscious of sin through the law.

Man is sinful by nature, the object of God’s wrath, disconnected from Him and awaiting the punishment of eternal spiritual death or ‘hell.’