In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And in it He created all kinds of good and great things. He created the raging sun. He He created the oceans, which rush and roar. He created the mountains and all of their majesty. He created the plains that are rich and colorful. He created the forests and all their solitude. He created all kinds of animals. He created all kinds of plants and trees and fungi. Between them He created a delicately balanced web of dependence. At the pinnacle of all that He created, He created men and women. He created them differently than everything else. These creations were made in his own image, in the likeness of himself. He created them to have fellowship with Him. He loved them more than anything else that he created. God looked upon all that he created and declared that it was good.

God loves us and has a plan for us. We were created to live in fellowship with Him.