Foolish Pride


It seems as if when I focus all my attention on one area of sin, Satan is more able to creep in other ways without me noticing, and pride is definitely one of those ways. Just days after my discipler compliments me on my humility, I find myself having very prideful thoughts about something that doesn’t even matter. As a Sea World vendor, I have become very good at nearly selling out of whatever I am selling at a show. Normally it doesn’t matter, but today I thought about how great I am and how much I deserve the praise that the leads give me when I come back with most of my stuff sold. But today when I didn’t get some praise, I was so upset. I quickly realized what was happening and I felt horribly. Who cares if I can or cannot sell pop or churros or water at a dolphin show? Anheuser-Busch? Maybe, but they don’t really matter. I have been such a fool by letting pride slip into my life. I should be grateful that God even allows anyone to hire me and allows me to make any money at all.