Commitments To Manhood


All the guys on project went on an overnight retreat to Pine Valley, CA for Thursday/Friday. We did a lot of things but the most important was a ceremony where we made 6 commitments to manhood. I won’t go through the mechanics of the ceremony so that I don’t spoil anything for future project attendees. But I will tell you the six promises that I made and that will honestly forever shape the rest of my life if I am going to be a man of my honor.

1. I commit to bond my soul with the Spirit of God, my person to reflect the image of God and to live my life to the glory of God
2. I commit to live by the biblical definition of masculinity where I: reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously, and expect God’s greater reward
3. I commit from this day forward to purity in relationships with women, sexual abstinence until marriage and faithfulness to my wife in marriage
4. I commit to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through my words and actions
5. I commit to seek out mentors in my life and to disciple other men in their Christian faith
6. I commit to be a member of a group of peers who will help me to process life personally and spiritually for a lifetime

These are commitments that God lead me to make and I believe that they are right and I will accept responsibility for these promises and I expect that by following them I will receive God’s greater reward. These are definitely the right decisions to make and they will definitely give glory to God.