Almost There


I just got off of my first flight of 3 hours from Minneapolis to Phoenix. I’ve never been to Arizona, so that is cool, but all I really get to see is the view from the airport windows. In 20 minutes or so I will be boarding my second flight to San Diego and in 2 hours I should be in southern California 🙂

Pray for safe travels, smart decisions, and an amazing summer with God.

Also pray for my friends who are on summer projects in various places:
Jon-East Asia
Megan-Yellowstone National Park
Alan-Medora, ND

Most, if not all, of my friends have already arrived, with the exception maybe of Megan. If you could also pray for all the rest of my friends not going on projects, that they would stay close to God this summer and have just as an exciting summer as I, that would be terrific. Well, I am going to sign-off, and next time I write I will be in San Diego!