Spiritual Battle In My Soul


Oh boy here it comes!

The battle is on, the summer has begun. The enemy knows what strength the Lord will give me this summer, so he is striking now. He whispers to me:

“Ha! God coming to earth as a man. Ridiculous. What’s more, coming as a man so he can save pitiful men? Ri-DICULOUS!!! You must EARN your way to God. Salvation isn’t free.”

He continues to say it and sometimes I start to believe him. And when that happens, God loses all value. I would never know if I had attained salvation. And then my disbelief in God begins and I listen to what this world tells me and I believe that I am an accident that has no true worth, only the worth I assign to myself.

God please help to stay strong.


One thought on “Spiritual Battle In My Soul

  1. Php 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” As you move into the summer do not listen to the lies of the enemy. Make Matthew 6:33 your memory verse.

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