What I’ve Been Thinking About Jesus Lately




Wait. Weak?

Yep, it’s true, it seems as if many of us think of Jesus as a weak “nice-guy.” I mean, that’s how the church portrays him. Am I wrong? Correct me please if I am off my rocker. I mean, last night at Bethel they had this thing called Passion: A Worship Experience. It was sub-par to say the least. The character of Jesus was portrayed as being silent, and apt to do little more than console one as a mother does. Yes, Jesus is gentle and consoling. But it seems as if the part where he demands justice and righteous, where he displays that he is indeed the Lion of the tribe of Judah was left out. Jesus was not “just a nice guy.” He was and is the Living God, who is a Warrior, an angry and just God, one who fights for his people, not just standing around pleading.

Please do not forget who Jesus really was. Remember when he angrily kicked the tax collectors out of the Temple because they defiled the House of the Father? Yeah, Jesus was a man, not a woman (not that I’m saying women are weak, but there are differences between men and women). The reality is that Jesus was a manly man. And you know what it is OK to be a manly man. I know society tries to make us be “mannerly,” which is not bad, but when it robs us of being men, the way God made us, it becomes a problem. So…..yes, Jesus: not weak, but the Fierce and Living God who created us and everything in it, stronger than anyone or anything.