Weekend Update #3

San Diego Summer Project: May 28-August 4, 2008

Total Need: $3,200.00
Total Raised: $587.00
Total Remaining: $2,613.00
Add’l Pledges: $200.00
Total After Pledges: $2,413.00

Days Until Departure: 81 Days

God really came through this week! He sent me $400, which means that my first down payment is take care of, I just need to mail it. I have until April 15 to make the next payment, which needs to total $800, which with pledges means I am almost to that point too. The next phase is hard for me, because now I need to start calling people to see if they got the letters and talking to them about following through with support. Not only is it nerve racking, but it is going to be so time consuming considering the amount of letters that I have sent out. Which reminds me that I still have to send out letters to the NDSU Cru Staff as well as a few more family friends that I recently got addresses for.