Leading Tomorrow

I got a message from Jackson tonight saying that he wouldn’t be able to be at our weekly meeting with Ben and Nate and that he wanted me to lead. Since I am not allowed to share the gospel in my hall as an RA any longer, tomorrow’s meeting is going to have to be more about getting into the Word than anything.

I am excited that I get to lead, though I am not used to having such a short time to prepare. The Lord lead me to Acts 19 tonight. Paul is in Ephesus and for the most part, he us finding that there are people who do not know about the Holy Spirit and so he explains it to them and they are then filled with the Spirit. Paul also encounters a lot of people speaking harmful untruths, but he is patient and continues to preach so that all the people in the area get to hear the gospel. We also see people who go around claiming to be in Jesus’ name, but they aren’t. Beginning in verse 17, we see people coming to know God, and confessing their evil deeds and burning everything associated with their old lifestyles so that they could follow Christ.

So a lot is happening in this chapter and I have a number of directions to go with it.


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