My First Mass

So my next door neighbor is dating a nice Catholic girl, and so, I asked if I could go to Mass with them this week, and they said that that would be no problem. So this morning, I went to Mass at St. Paul’s Newman Center on the south corner of campus. Now this was the first time I had gone to Mass having any desire to worship God (I had gone to my cousin’s first communion about five years ago). From the moment we walked in, my eyes and ears were alert and open, taking everything in because Catholocism is so different from anything I have ever experienced.

There were so many things, like the holy water we dipped our hands in when we got there and when we left, the kneeling before a statue of Christ before we sat down and before anyone approached the front. Then there was the complicated book of songs and prayers and recitations, and the two men who accompanied the priest throughout the Mass. Then there was a sort of ritual before Communion. These are just a few prime examples of the things that were happening that I knew nothing about.

I am so curious as to what much of it means and why they do it. From the first glance, it seems like a bunch of pointless procedures, making faith in Christ much more complicated and intimidating than it needs to be. But that is at first glance, I certainly cannot say for sure that these things are pointless. I just have so many questions, and I want to find the answers.

I am thankful that I went with two of my good friends so that I did not make a complete idiot of myself during Mass today because I most definitely would have without them.