Prayer. It is one of the most vital things as men and women that we can do. It is our connection with God in which we can speak to Him, but hopefully it is more of a time for us to listen to him. There is tons and tons of information out there about prayer and how to pray, so I’m not going to go there. Rather, I have some questions:

Intercession of the saints. Is it okay to ask the saints to intercede on your behalf to God? Are the saints even resurrected yet? Is asking your friends to pray for you any different than asking the saints to pray for you? Are these things right or wrong?



2 thoughts on “Praying

  1. Prayer. How to do absolutely nothing while convincing yourself you’re actually helping.

    Hearing voices in your head again? It’s an illness, trust me.

  2. My experience with prayer is that it works. And maybe if God does not give me what I ask for, it is not what I need the most.

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