Too Christian?

I was talking with some of my friends the other night and they said that their biggest pet peeves are people who are too Christian, or actually I think they just said Christians, in general. I asked them why and they said that they don’t like Christians who will just quote the Bible at you and if you disagree with them, they will point to the Bible and say “Look it says it here, here, and here.” They feel that that is annoying because it is just that person’s opinion.

So I am now asking myself, is that too Christian? Is it possible to be too caught up in your faith? Maybe the question is this: is it bad to care more about God and the truth than to care about people and offending them? Or maybe is it that some of us are not Christian enough? Or maybe is it that we like to avoid confrontation or that we don’t like to think and ponder the truth and see that our lives come nowhere close to matching what the truth says they should be? Is it that we don’t like to hear the truth because we don’t want to change? Is it that we feel threatened that someone may have the answers that we don’t have? Are we afraid of having our secrets discovered? Do we even believe what claim to believe? Are we even what we say we are?

I don’t think that it is possible to be too Christian, to devote too much of yourself to God. I don’t think it is wrong of people to point out what God says. If God says it, it is not an opinion, it is a truth. Whatever God says is true, and good. I think that most of us are not Christian enough. I don’t think we have to be rude about our faith because love is patient and kind and is not rude. But I think that having a strong faith, being able to stand up and be strong in the face of adversity is honorable.

When we look at Christ’s life, he was even more outspoken than anyone today is. Would you say that that is a pet peeve? “Man, that Jesus guy talks to much, he keeps quoting the law at me. He is way to into God?” If it weren’t for his intense beliefs, speeches, and actions, he would never have caused the fear that lead to his crucifixion, and he would have died a regular death like ours, failing to complete his mission, leaving us all without redemption and without salvation. We have our mission and it is to take that story to the ends of the earth, to raise up the mirror that is the law, to show people that they need Jesus, to tell them the truth. “Man, it just peeves me that Jesus wants me to do this and be a strong Christian and leave my sins behind and encourage others to do the same and to accept nothing less than the truth.”


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  1. I don’t think the issue is being too Christian. The problem is the approach. It is more polite to at least enter on a level ground and argue with them about why things should be the way the bible teaches them. For example, the Ten Commandments all have rational ideas behind them. I doubt STDs would be common if people didn’t commit adultery. I’m not saying don’t use the bible, I’m just saying that people will feel powerless in a debate if you quote it and use that as your sole rationale for why things should be a certain way. This will just frustrate them, and they will be unlikely to see it your way. I don’t know if this is what your friend meant by disagree. If its an issue of events that happened, it would be hard to argue without the bible.

  2. .. you know I keep coming back to this post, meaning to respond. And each time, I’m short on time to really get my thoughts together to share.

  3. I truly am interested in your thoughts, so if you ever do have the time, I would be more than happy to listen.

  4. Great point. This is a topic my Pastor talks about a lot. Is it possible to be too Christian? The answer is no. Our goal is to become more like Christ, not to say we are Christians yet remain the same as when we were lost and not to spread the Word of God. I had a friend tell me that I am obsessed with God like my previous obessions. I am not onsessed with God. God has changed my life and he doesn’t get that. Those things that I used to be obsessed with were lies and idols I tried to fill the void in my life with. Anyway, I really like this post and think that it has a great meaning. If you don’t mind, I am going to post it in my myspace blog. I’ll give you and your site proper citation and credit of course.

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